Who the Heck is Mark Mason?


I wrote a post about Pat Flynn’s podcast while back and how he inspired me to pursue passive income.  I learned so much from the podcast. I was hooked from first Smart Passive Incoming podcast.  I never heard term passive income idea before and it really fascinated me.  So I went back and listen to all of the old podcasts starting from his first podcast.   I religiously listen to his podcast everyday and worked my way up to the current podcast.  That is when I started to look for more podcast that is similar to Smart Passive Income.  So I searched itune and lo-and-behold, I started to discover many other podcast that is in this topic of passive income.  That is when I realized this is just an beginning.  I still have so much to learn.  That is where I found Mark Mason’s podcast called Late Night Internet Marketing Podcast.

I really enjoy his podcast because I can relate more to his podcast than Pat Flynn’s Passive Income podcast.  His podcast is about building online business part time. Mark also has full time job and his doing online business part time.  When you think about it, Pat’s Smart Passive Income is bit overwhelming.  What Mark is doing is something that I am trying to do; trying to start my internet business part time.

mark mason

What I like about Mark Mason’s Late Night Internet Marketing Podcast?

  1. Mark tell like it is.  I like the fact that he don’t mess around and sugar coat anything and tells like it is in about internet business.  He tells the audience that online business is not for everyone and it is not guarantee that you will make money.  He talks about the mystery factors makes you scratch your head to figure out why the website is not making money.  He tells everyone that online business takes lots of work just like any other business, and it is not quick money making scheme.  It is something you have to invest in for long time.  But one thing for sure, he stressed the fact that if you put your work on it, you will get some kind of result over time. You have to be diligent and keep working on it.
  2. He focus on affiliate marketing topics.  More specifically, creating a niche web site and using affiliate marketing to monetize the website. He gets into detail about the process to creating a such website.  I also like the fact that he shares some of his niche websites he is working on with the listeners and some of the problems he is experiencing.  Niche website is something I am planning to build so the information I am getting from the podcast is very valuable.
  3. You can be successful part time.  I’ve been learning about online Business for while now, and it is time for me to start taking action.  Since I have pretty stable job, there is no need for me quit my job and jump on this head on.  Specially now that I am married and she is expecting. I have to play safe.  I need to start slow and get my feet wet slowly.  Mark Mason’s podcast really encourages me that start online business part time is very doable.  In fact, you can be successful part time.

If you are a newbie to the online business and you are interested in starting something part time, Late Night Internet Business podcast is for you.  Do check it out! You can search “Mark Mason” on itune, or go to this website, http://www.latenightim.com


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